Architecture and Sustainability Workshops with Year 8


News - 8th Jul 2022

Over the past 8 weeks we have had an architecture and sustainability company Brief Cases working with some of our year 8 students every Wednesday developing their knowledge and understanding of architecture and the industry. 

The organisation is called Brief Cases, working with academia and industry, is designed to help bridge the gap between business and education. Brief Cases projects are identified to address skills gaps, business needs and areas where wider sustainability issues are emerging - every Brief Cases project is underpinned by the message of sustainability.

The CEO of the Heaven company that founded the organisation is called Veronica Heaven, and she provides evidence of how the students demonstrate and model the academy values in her statement. 

Veronica today was welcomed as a Freeman of the City of London by The Guild of Entrepreneurs and in 2016 she received recognition as a finalist of Entrepreneur of the Year and Enterprising Business of the Year.

Below is the statement from Veronica with identifies the amazing values our students have been demonstrating during this project.