We're working towards the 'Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award'


News - 14th Jun 2022

We're working towards the 'Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award'
Royds Academy has been committed to achieving the Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award.
As an update we have implemented the following so far this year:
  1. We have regular observations of our Teaching Assistants (TAs) so we can share best practice and support our most vulnerable students.
  2. This year we have made great strides in our induction and management of the TAs. For example, we have a thorough induction procedure with handbooks, training, and mentoring for any new TAs who join us.
  3. We also have an appraisal system in place so our TAs can work on personalised targets to support our students even further.
  4. TAs have been given further training on specific areas such as Mrs Murray doing work on support students with visual impairment, and Mr Cawtheray doing some wider training for students with autism. We have a bank of expertise for all staff to draw upon for our students.
  5. At the start of this course, we wanted to ensure that our TAs are viewed as teaching staff- not support staff. This has been shown by the attendance of TAs to staff training and their delivery of training to us on specific strategies for students or classes which they know best.
  6. The TAs have also been doing some fantastic work this year with the interventions in Haven+. Be it lego therapy, Nessy or Toe By Toe, the TAs have been working so hard to help our most vulnerable students.
  7. Mr Carr, Mr Gumbley, and Mr Williams are working to put plans in place for next year so we can surpass the BPTAA criteria. This will be shared with all parents when it is complete.