LPPA Update

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News - 7th Mar 2021

Royds School is continuing to work towards the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award) to enhance our parental and carer communication and involvement.

Some of the changes we have made so far are:

  • Parents/carers are emailed a weekly Newsletter.
  • Information letters are emailed regularly to parents/carers, keeping everyone informed.
  • Parents/carers have been asked more regularly for feedback, through Surveys.
  • We have created a Latest News section on Royds website to inform parents/carers of daily events and learning. This is linked to Facebook, so parents/carers can be informed on an alternative platform.
  • We have made changes the student report to make it more parent/carer friendly and to include curriculum information.

How can you continue to support Royds school to achieve this award?

  • Read our newsletters and information sent out.
  • Complete any questionnaires we send out as honestly as you can.
  • Take a look at our website for updates and latest news/events.
  • Let us know of any improvements you think we can make in our communications to you.