Accelerated Reader – Rapid Improvements for Year 7 & 8!

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News - 27th May 2022

Accelerated Reader – Rapid Improvements for Year 7 & 8!

Since September, students in year 7 and year 8 have read a phenomenal 5,000 books between them, that’s almost 60 million words!

Today we are rewarding some of these students who have improved their reading ages by, in some cases, as much as 5 years. This is a hugely impressive achievement.

Reading really is the key to success in all subjects; not only that (and perhaps more importantly), it can also improve your mental health, making you happier, more empathetic and with higher self-esteem. It really is a magical ability to have.

 Did you know…

  • Reading for 5 minutes a day means that you encounter 282,000 words a year!
  • Studies suggest that people who read for at least 20 minutes a day perform better in exams than those who don't!

Today’s Winners:

Year 7

7.1 George B 

7.2 Macauley G 

7.3 Lotti S 

7.4 Francois F 

7.5 Brogan JW  

7.6 Bracken F 

7.7 Louise M 

7.8 Oliver N 

Year 8

8.1 Luisa B 

8.2 Sam E 

8.3  Riley M

8.4 Kai D 

8.5 Sam B 

8.6 Max F  

8.7  Charlie C 

8.8 Tia Horner