My child is going to be late

Please phone school so we know and can make sure they arrive safely. They will need to sign in at the Student Entrance and depending, on the circumstances, they may be issued with a detention.

My chid is ill so will be absent

Please telephone the main school number (0113 205 9559) and leave a message for the Attendance Team or you can email attendance@roydsschool.org. On their return, they will need to give a letter to their Form Tutor.

My child has a medical appointment

They will need to show their Form Tutor a letter from you and a copy of an appointment card or letter, if you have one. They will be given a pass out slip and can sign out at the Student Services.

My child has lost something

All lost property is taken to Student Services. Please make sure all of their property is labelled.

My child has forgotten something

You can bring it in to the General Office and it will be available for them to collect from Student Services. They can borrow dinner or bus money for a day.

My child is being bullied

Please either encourage them to tell their Form Tutor, Pastoral Leader or Learning Manager or if they will not, please do so yourself. We do not tolerate bullying and have robust systems to follow it up.

What happens when my child isn't feeling well?

They need to come to Student Services. They will be taken to the Medical Room and seen by trained staff. If they require collecting, we will contact you. Parents are asked not to collect children at their child’s request as this compromises safeguarding arrangements.

My child has to take medication

This must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and given to Student Services staff. It will be locked away until it is needed. The only exception is for asthma where a student may carry inhalers with them.

My child doesn't have the correct uniform

This will be dealt with at the Student Entrance. Students can borrow alternate uniform until the correction is made otherwise they will be placed in Isolation for the day.

The bus hasn't arrived. What do we do?

All students should have a secondary means of getting to school in this case. It is not an acceptable reason for not attending school. We will make every effort to make sure students get to school safely but the buses are subcontracted by Leeds City Council to private companies and so we have no influence or control over the bus routes.

The weather is bad. Will school be open?

We will not close unless it is unsafe to keep the site open. If this is the case we will update the website, text all parents, inform Leeds City Council and local radio stations and update our social media feeds.