You Said, We did

Royds receives feedback in a variety of ways and acts on the feedback received to improve the quality of education we deliver.


Feedback is received in a number of ways:


  • Staff Voice
  • Student Voice
  • Family of Royds
  • Royds Alumni
  • School Governors Ofsted parent View


Feedback and good practise are shared with the school community. Areas for improvement are investigated and changes are made as appropriate.


You Said We Did
Digital signage in the school is boring. Signage content has been updated and made vibrant, providing students and visitors with engaging key information.
Digital signage has been updated as necessary, screens have come to live!
North block looks messy. The entire school has been de cluttered, a programme of refreshing the building has begun while students’ study at home. North block has been completely repainted, work has now started on South block.
What’s happening with parents’ evenings during lockdown? Royds is starting to host remote parents’ evenings w/c 8 February, for year 11, other year groups will follow after the half term. We are asking parents for their feedback so that we can further improve this provision as appropriate.
What is my child studying? Individual subject content is now included in students school reports. The subject information will show parents what their child has been studying since the last report and what they will be studying until the nest report.
How do I know if my son is going to class and doing his work? Teachers are keeping registers of classes, parents/ students who are missing from the register are contacted by the school pastoral team to discuss attendance issues. If work is not submitted, the pastoral team will be notified and contact home.
Apart from lessons, what else is the school doing to support students? We have introduced virtual morning briefings and daily assemblies to discuss with students’ pastoral issues with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. In addition, we have introduced a programme of virtual enrichment activities that students can participate in while being COVID safe: Enrichment
More communication on how to help my child learn and progress. This term we have successfully run an information evening for each year group and a Year 7 Settling in Evening. There will be individual subject content included in students school reports. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers.
Celebrate my child’s effort and hard work in lessons and at home. We have introduced a new positive behaviour system that is based on the Academies Values of Leadership, Motivation, Self-Control, Resilience, Self-Confidence and Respect. When students show one of these values they are rewarded with points. Additionally, they can also receive Above & Beyond points. These points accumulate to create prizes.
More recognition for students with good attendance.  The academy set weekly and termly attendance challenges for those students with 100% attendance. So far students have been rewarded with an extended break to visit the ‘Mini Café Van’, lunch and break queue jumping tickets and an extended lunch with private dining. The highest attending form receives a box of chocolates. This term the attendance prize is the ‘Tag It’ laser tag.
Actively encourage parents to be involved in events.  The academy has regularly informed parents about the parent group Friends of Royds. This is a group of parents who help to support the school though events. This term they have helped at parents’ evenings and organised the Year7 Halloween disco.
It would be useful to send information in a variety of ways.  Communication with parents is a very important part of the home-school partnership. Royds now uses a variety of methods to send out information: email, phone calls, texts, displayed on the website and Facebook. All parents now receive a bi-weekly newsletter from the principal and any events are conveyed via letter and followed with text message reminders.
It would be useful if the website contained information about where we can find information on mental health issues. We have researched numerous mental health websites and included a dedicated section to Mental Health Well Being under the Student Support section on our website.