Student Leaders

Student Leadership is the key to the success of any school. We are keen for students to take an active role in enhancing school life. With this in mind, we have created the SVLT (Student Voice Leadership Team) and provided students with the opportunity to apply and interview for a coveted role of Prefect, Senior Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect and Head Prefect in one of our key focus groups: 

  • Teaching and Learning.
  • Rewards. 
  • Health and Wellbeing. 
  • Diversity. 

The Royds SVLT has five key aims: 

  • To provide a forum for students to discuss their views and opinions.​ 
  • To stimulate student interest in school activities and promote whole school values​.
  • To provide opportunities for discussion, information and consultation about matters of concern to the student body​. 
  • To provide students with opportunities to lead in a field they are interested in​. 
  • To allow students to be involved in meaningful change.

Our current team of 80+ students has regular meetings to discuss whole-school matters relevant to their team focus. Their track record as a team is increasingly positive, having raised several hundred pounds for local and national charities, implemented a new marking policy, conducted several successful lesson observations and enquiries and provided feedback to staff and received honours such as the Stonewall Bronze Award. An LBGTQ+ Pride Group has been established to promote diversity in school and the Christmas Concert is organised solely by the SVLT! 

The SVLT increases in numbers, strength and vision each year and helps our school to grow and develop on our exciting journey to being the best school we can be!