Our students were involved in redesigning the school uniform to reflect the high expectations of the school. They now have a smart presence in the community and it conveys the professional, business-like atmosphere that we expect.

It is important that students come to school in full uniform so a high standard is maintained throughout the school day. If there is a problem or issue with the uniform, there must be a note in the planner from parent/carer explaining this.

When a student arrives at school without their full uniform, we will always endeavor to lend them a replacement for the day. If however a student refuses to wear any item of uniform offered or if there is no replacement available, they will be placed into R&R for the day.

Please refer to our Uniform Policy and the attached guidance.

Uniforms can be purchased from local retailer Better & Bright or from our new online store at YourSchoolUniform.com.

Better & Bright 65 Market Hall Kiosks
Carlton Street
WF10 1BG
01977 557196



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