Planners are an important part of every students equipment and help form a link between home and school. They act as diary for students to write homework and reminders but also record achievement as well as any sanctions from teachers.

The planner is a key tool for communication between school and home. In a student’s planner, parents or carers can see:

  • reward credits gained in lessons
  • S2 comments and notification of detentions and isolations
  • homework set
  • reports
  • astudent’s timetable
  • book parents evening appointments
  • notes from staff

Parents or carers are expected to sign planners every week. Failure to do so results in a sanction for the student. Students are expected to have their planners with them at all times and will not be allowed on the school site without them.

If a student loses their planner, they can be issued with a temporary planner while they look for it. If it is not found, they must purchase a replacement from Student Services.

They also contain useful information on school policies and study skills advice.