Enrichment & Extra- Curricular Activities

Royds Academy offers a wide range of enrichment and after school activities. Our programme is designed to allow each student access to a termly menu of clubs and activities that improve their current skills, develop new skills and allow them to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Our programme includes activities that support academic success and achievement and ones that introduce new experiences to young people outside of their studies. As there are many different clubs running during the school year, a timetable will be issued to each student at the beginning of each term. After school clubs run from 2.40pm to 3.30pm.

Curriculum Linked Clubs

Students can extend their curriculum knowledge through attendance at the wide range of subject-related clubs. Clubs include Creative Writing Club, STEM Club, Debate Club, Spanish Culture Club, Hegarty Maths & Homework Club, History Club, Cooking Club and Creativity in Art Club. In addition, we have groups that focus on particular challenges such as the Environment Sustainability Group and business challenge groups.

Sporting Activities

We are very proud of our comprehensive sports program and encourage all students to participate in at least one club. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as: football, rugby, basketball, trampoline, gymnastics, tennis, cricket, netball, hockey, rounders and athletics. Our teams have an excellent record in competitive sports and they have succeeded in winning area and city championships. This success helps to support our students to gain representative honours for the city and West Yorkshire, gain places in training academies and even compete at the Olympics.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts extra-curricular activities have gone from strength to strength in recent years. These range from musical productions to extra-curricular clubs such as choir, Jazz band and keyboard. These activities are an important part of school life, providing students with opportunities to display their talents and giving them the chance to work as a team to achieve their common goal. In recent years, our annual performance has been a highlight on the school calendar and has showcased our multi-talented performing arts students, as well as allowing others to develop their technical skills in the behind the scenes roles of set construction, costume design and sound and lighting.

GCSE Booster & Revision Classes and Academy Library

Academic excellence is a core priority at Royds, so in addition to our wide range of enrichment activities, we run a comprehensive programme of GCSE booster and revision sessions, so that students can fully prepare for their final examinations. The academy library is also available to students from 2.40pm – 3.30pm and contains a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and revision guides, as well as computer equipment.

Educational Visits

Educational visits are vital to enriching and bringing alive classroom experiences. At Royds, we run international visits as well as local trips. We believe that participation in a wide variety of cultural activities expands a student’s understanding of the world and allows them to develop the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens.

Late Bus

The school operates a late bus service that leaves Royds at 3.45pm. All students are eligible to use the bus, but please note that the service operates at limited stops. Please enquire at reception for an up to date bus timetable.

For enquiries about enrichment or extra-curricular activities, please contact Ms. Easton at deaston@roydsacademy.org.uk or on 0113 2059559.


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