Design and Technology


It is key for students to have a deep understanding of Design & Technology in order to comprehend the rapidly changing world around them. A solid grasp of the impact humans are having on the environment and how the world of Design & Technology can support the improvement of this is a key focus of our subject.

In Key Stage 3 students will explore a range of Design & Technology focus areas, including Food, Textiles and Timbers. They will cover a range of materials and equipment, with a focus on building both subject knowledge and practical skills. At Key Stage 4 students will have chosen one of the focus areas Food, Textiles (within Art) or Timbers and will explore this chosen subject in much more depth.


Our curriculum is organised in such a way that provides our students with the opportunity to learn expected behaviours and be successful in their learning so that we can achieve our #LiveLoveLearn mission.  Our strategic intent is therefore very simple – we strive to create a curriculum which:

  • Provides a diversity of powerful knowledge, which over time, cumulatively builds to provide the social, cultural and environmental awareness and responsibility of learners.
  • Includes a focus on literacy that enables students to function in society and communicate clearly with justification and reasoning.
  • Enables all students to enjoy learning and experience success, developing a passion for the things they pursue
  • Takes into account individual needs and can show empathy/ awareness for those less fortunate.
  • Creates a culture of high expectation and aspiration, building independent learners who are passionate and inquisitive about Design & Technology.
  • Develops confident and responsible individuals who can make a positive contribution to society and live safely and independently.

Implementation: Design

In Year 7, students will work on a rotation of Food, Textiles and Product Design. Although each area has a different subject knowledge and skillset, common features like context exploration, research, design, development, manufacture, testing and evaluation will be consistent.

In Year 9 students will focus on a range of content tied into a practical and problem-solving syllabus.  They explore real life needs and limitations to research, design and manufacture a solution which will improve a particular lifestyle type/ choice. It draws on issues such as social, moral and environmental, the evolving technology and development in the world they are growing up in.

A drive on problem solving and creative thinking will be embedded within the skills and knowledge with an expectation that students will explore the world around them, looking at the impact they have.

Further Information

To find out more about the content of the curriculum for each year group, please see our five year Design and Technology curriculum map.

If you require more detailed information, please email the Head of Department. Miss Pine’s email address is

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Five Year Food and Nutrition Curriculum 29th Jul 2021 Download