Business Studies


We want our students to become budding entrepreneurs, able to understand business in the real world. We also aim to develop different interpersonal skills, which will be of benefit beyond the classroom, such as:

  • Enterprise;
  • Literacy and numeracy;
  • Presentation;
  • Communication;
  • Time management;
  • Team working;
  • Problem solving.


We strive to create a curriculum which:

  • Enables all students to gather the required knowledge to be able to understand and apply the learning, developing their interpersonal skills
  • Enables all students to apply their GCSE Business learning by applying to real life situations by using practical situations, where relevant
  • Enables all students to use their knowledge and skills so they can make a high standard of attainment and progress, whilst also preparing them for the future

Implementation: Design

The GCSE curriculum will largely focus on the perspective of setting up a business.  Topics are ordered in such a way that they will give students a clear path, beginning with the essential knowledge of enterprise and business, moving on to external influences and finally looking at improving their small business venture.

Students will be able to use the knowledge and skills learned to aspire, potentially setting up their own business in the future. Our curriculum enables students to fulfil challenges in life, to embrace the risks associated with business and to try to minimise them. They must also spend time doing paired and group activities to encourage students to communicate effectively with each other. Problem solving in different scenarios is key to our subject as they learn to spot opportunities. Finally, students are encouraged to reflect, making judgements and considering improvements.

Further Information

To find out more about the content of the curriculum for each year group, please see our five year Business curriculum map.

If you require more detailed information, please email the Head of Department. Mr Mason’s email address is

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Five Year Business Curriculum 29th Jul 2021 Download