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The PE Department’s vision is ‘To inspire young people to participate and enjoy physical activity’. Students are encouraged to recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, and their teachers ensure they have an excellent educational experience in lessons and through extra-curricular activities to ensure that they are very well equipped for the next stage of their education, training or employment.

At Key Stage 3, students are taught and assessed in a range of activities which include games such as football, netball, rugby, basketball, hockey, tennis and rounders. They also complete other activities such as gymnastics, dance, trampolining, health related fitness, and athletics. At Key Stage 4 students study compulsory health studies.  Sports Science is also an examined part of the course because we feel the modules are essential life skills that are imperative for all students.


Our curriculum is organised in such a way that provides our students with the opportunity to learn expected behaviours and be successful in their learning so that we can achieve our #LiveLoveLearn mission.  Our strategic intent is therefore very simple, we strive to create a curriculum which:

  • Provides a diversity of powerful knowledge, which over time, cumulatively builds to provide the love of sport that enables students to continue in physical activity and exercise post school.
  • Enables all students to enjoy learning and experience success.
  • Takes into account individual needs.
  • Creates a culture of high expectation and aspiration to raise standards of attainment and progress.
  • Develops confident and responsible individuals who can make a positive contribution to society and live safely and independently.


Implementation: Design

Year 7 and 8 students will be taught a variety of different sports to develop some key ideas, skills and principles in each one. Year 9 will continue to take part in a wide variety of physical activities and sports, developing new knowledge and building on prior learning.

Year 10 and 11 will see students develop the interest and passion for sport and physical activity that is required to continue in some capacity after leaving school. The curriculum is shaped this way in order to meet the needs of the many. It allows students access to physical exercise and sport which is very important for both mental and physical health, along with providing a base for continued activity throughout life. The qualification aspect of the curriculum will ensure students are also developing an understanding into the science behind sport, which will give them a knowledge base for a healthy lifestyle.

We support #LiveLoveLearn and believe in practical PE for all; a crucial medium for keeping students physically healthy and active, but also a great medium for helping to relieve stress and develop a love of sport for life beyond school.

Further Information

To find out more about the content of the curriculum for each year group, please see our five year Health curriculum map.

If you require more detailed information, please email the Head of Department. Mr Newton’s email address is

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