Royds Stock 6


Providing good, impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance can inspire and support young people to achieve their full potential. Our vison for our students to acquire the educational, social and employability skills necessary for lifelong success in a diverse and changing world of work.

At Royds our aim is:

  • to have a member of the Governing Body who takes a strategic interest in careers education and guidance and encourages employer engagement;
  • to make sure all students get a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience;
  • to embed CEIAG into the curriculum as well as increasing students’ knowledge of Labour Market Information (LMI) within that subject;
  • to fulfil the school’s legal duties: the existing duty to secure independent careers guidance and the new duty to provide opportunities to a range of providers of technical education and apprenticeships to access students to inform them about technical education qualifications or apprenticeships;
  • to improve careers provision by working towards meeting all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks by December 2020 using the Compass self-evaluation tool to assess progress.
  • to enable the students to develop self-awareness and an honest self-assessment
  • to encourage / develop the skills necessary for students to use a range of research resources in order to make sensible and well-informed decisions
  • to give students an insight into all aspects of the community and work, to encourage them to broaden their horizons
  • to ensure that staff are kept up to date with current careers and guidance information through updates and training
  • to provide destination data annually from the year cohort, to enable students, parents and staff to see which opportunities they have pursued.

We have assigned a Careers Leader in school- Mrs. Callery. She has worked with young people within the advice and guidance sector for 14 years and brings a vast amount of careers knowledge to the role. She has initiated and planned a program of employability and careers activities across the school working with every year group.

Her role is to provide impartial advice for students at critical points in their school journey as they make important career and educational choices. She is a qualified and trained careers guidance practitioner, with access to local, national and European Labour market information. 

She will help students to:

  • identify their interests, skills and abilities;
  • make sense of the options available to them for work, education and training
  • consider a range of possibilities, and set aspirational goals; and
  • make their own decisions and choices

For further Careers information please feel free to contact the Schools Careers Advisor Mrs Callery The information below will be reviewed in August 2021.